From the growing number of emigres to Arizona Territory during the latter decades of the nineteenth century came many of our cousins from the “old countries” – especially the British Isles.  Some came running – running from pasts which the deserts of the west would not remember.  Some came strutting with the false aristocracy which … Continue reading DARRELL DUPPA: RISING FROM THE ASHES


Curly Bill and his band of desperadoes had terrorized Douglas, Tombstone and Charleston, Arizona for a number of years.  Their infamy came from their uncanny ability to make quick raids against the ranches and settlements of southern Arizona.  Their technique of crossing the border, stealing what they wanted, and then quickly returning to the safety … Continue reading JOHN SLAUGHTER – NO ORDINARY COWMAN

Coronado and the City of Gold

In 1539, Friar Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan priest, famed for his explorations in lands that would later become Arizona and New Mexico, returned to Mexico City and told intriguing stories that he’d seen the legendary gold city of Cibola.  It was an electrifying statement.  The Spanish conquerors of the Aztec lands were constantly on … Continue reading Coronado and the City of Gold