Perhaps it’s the nature of some men who work in physically difficult jobs to believe that problems can be solved only through strong-armed means.  Miners, in the 1880s for instance, spent their working days at the ends of dusty mine drifts and stopes hammering away at rock surfaces; attempting to crack them into smaller bits … Continue reading THOMAS FORREST’S STABBING OF MIKE CARBIS

Father Escalante: Crossing of the Fathers

After facing a near deadly early winter storm near present day Milford, Utah, the Dominquez/Escalante party of explorers faced a decision whether if they should continue on to find a trail to Monterey, California or return to Santa Fe.  The 1776 calendar was approaching November and the Franciscan Fathers decided to leave it up to … Continue reading Father Escalante: Crossing of the Fathers


                       Luke was a small man – about five feet, six inches tall.  He was of slight of build too – about one hundred and forty pounds.  That’s small for a westerner in those days, but then again, dynamite is rather small too.              In his early days, after he left his father’s ranch … Continue reading LUKE SHORT AND PINE TOP